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Winter Skin Care in Warm Climates

Modern air humidifier during relax or rest, happy blurred asian young womanWinter skin care in warm climates is essential. Even though we do not deal with freezing temperatures and dry air, having an effective skincare routine should always be a top priority to ensure your skin remains fresh, rejuvenated, and protected, no matter the season. Here are a few things you can do to protect your skin in the upcoming months.

Top Tips for Protecting Your Skin This Winter

Maximize Moisture by Investing in a Humidifier

Keeping your skin moisturized at all times is important, especially during the winter months in warm climates when dryer air and cooler temperatures are more common. Investing in a humidifier for your home can ensure there is always ample moisture in the air to keep your skin from drying out.

You should use a moisturizer on your face daily to keep your skin hydrated. Selecting oil-based moisturizers provides a barrier for your skin to ensure it is able to retain the moisture that it already has. Additionally, avoiding facial exposure to hot water can also help to prevent your skin from losing moisture and drying out.

Do Not Skip the Sunscreen

Even though it is technically winter, the sun still has the ability to cause harm to your skin. You should always remember to apply sunscreen when exiting your home during the daytime. Prolonged sun exposure, even in the winter months, can still lead to photoaging.

Seek Professional Skin Treatments or Products

To provide additional protection for your skin, consider seeking professional skin treatments and products. At Keys Dermatology, we offer prescription serums and creams to help keep your skin rejuvenated and fresh.

Contact Keys Dermatology Today

Whether you are interested in scheduling a skin check or professional skin treatments, our doctors are here to help! At Keys Dermatology, we remain committed to providing individuals in Key West and Islamorada, FL, with high-quality care. We understand the importance of protecting your skin during the winter months and are available to help guide you through the winter months ahead. We are committed to helping you feel confident in your skin. To schedule a consultation with our team, call 305-664-8828.

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