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Is Having a Mole Removed Painful?

For some, a mole on a prominent place such as the face may be considered a “beauty mark” and a desirable characteristic. However, others may want these very noticeable moles removed. Depending on the location of a mole, it may detract from one’s appearance. Mole removal is available with most dermatologists in the area, and allows a patient to remove a mole that is cosmetically undesirable to a patient. Additionally, patients may consider mole removal if a biopsy has been performed and has shown that it is cancerous. In situations such as this, excision is necessary to keep the cancer from spreading and becoming worse.

How is a mole removed?

There are a few different ways in which a patient might have a mole removed. A mole might be removed with simple excision, being removed from a dermatologist carefully to reduce the risk of scarring or disfigurement. In cases where a mole is removed because it is cancerous, certain types of removal such as Mohs micrographic surgery may be performed to ensure all areas of cancerous skin are removed. Mole removal is often done with local anesthetics for patient comfort.

Is having a mole removed painful?

At Keys Dermatology, our team wants patients to know that they are in good hands and that this routine treatment will not cause them unnecessary pain. Because topical anesthetics are used before moles are removed, the procedure itself is not painful. Patients who have larger moles removal or require stitches may have some discomfort in the area while it is healing, but most patients find that the residual discomfort that remains after topical anesthetics wear off is well-tolerated and managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

The team at Keys Dermatology can help you with mole removal

Removing moles, whether they are benign or cancerous, can be achieved with the assistance of an experienced dermatologist. If you live in or around the areas of Key West and Islamorada, FL, we welcome you to book a consultation appointment with our team to learn more about the effective methods of removal. Call (305) 296-3334 to request a visit with our experienced providers.

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