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Steps in a Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is a serious concern, but one of the benefits of this variety of cancer is that it can be easily spotted and diagnosed in the earliest stages—ensuring patients do not experience life-threatening stages. However, this does require patients to be proactive about monitoring their skin for changes that might indicate a problem. The doctors at Keys Dermatology work routinely with Islamorada and Key West, FL area patients who are taking an active approach to their health by scheduling regular skin cancer screenings.

How often should a patient see a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening?

It is recommended that patients visit their dermatologist annually for a skin cancer screening, just as they would a routine physical. If there are any new growths or lesions that are of concern, patients should also contact their dermatologist for an evaluation, even if it is not time for their annual screening.

What happens during a skin cancer screening?

Many patients will ask about the steps involved in a skin cancer screening at Keys Dermatology. Below are the steps patients can expect:

  • Patients will remove their clothing and put on a hospital gown
  • The dermatologist performs a full body examination, from the scalp to the toes. This includes the buttocks and genital areas, as patients that have not been exposed to sun can still develop skin cancer.
  • The doctor may use a magnifying glass to further examine areas of concern.
  • If there is a lesion of concern, a biopsy may be taken. This is the removal of a small portion of the lesion that is sent to a laboratory for further evaluation.
  • If a biopsy comes back positive for cancer, your doctor will contact you for further instructions.

Call the team at Keys Dermatology today

The doctors at Keys Dermatology are available to assist Key West and Islamorada, FL area patients with a wide range of skin concerns, including skin cancer screenings, diagnostics, and treatment. We encourage new and current patients who are in need of a skin cancer screening to make an appointment at one of our two office locations to start their annual routine. With early detection and diagnosis, many cases of skin cancer do not reach the point where they are life-threatening for individuals.

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