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What is cryotherapy used for?

DeeDee Cryosurgery

Patients who have had skin cancer in the past or have been diagnosed with skin cancer may want to know what treatment options are available to them. At Keys Dermatology in Islamorada and Key West, FL, team can assist with finding effective solutions. For many patients, cryosurgery or cryotherapy may be recommended.

Understanding cryosurgery and cryotherapy

Team at Keys Dermatology can explain to patients the process of cryosurgery and cryotherapy treatments. Cryosurgery is a specific procedure that is used for the treatment of cancerous and precancerous skin lesions. This treatment is performed by freezing the cells of the skin with liquid nitrogen. This cryotherapy option has minimal discomfort and is extremely successful in the treatment of tissues that might become problematic in the future or has already been tested as cancerous.

Who is recommended for cryosurgery and cryotherapy?

Our practice recommends this method of treatment for those who have cancerous or precancerous lesions on or beneath the surface of the skin. It can also treat actinic keratoses. We may suggest this treatment for patients who have had multiple skin cancers, are new to cancerous lesions in the treatment area, or have decided against traditional cancer removal methods such as excision. Patients with bleeding disorders may also consider cryosurgery versus traditional therapy for safety.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy for skin cancer?

·         Minimal discomfort

·         Safe and effective treatment

·         Protection of healthy skin and tissues

·         Performed during a single, short office visit

·         Minimally invasive treatment for skin cancer

In addition to removing skin cancer, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen may also be used to remove skin tags or warts on the skin.

Learn more about cryotherapy and cryosurgery in Key West and Islamorada, FL

If you are interested in discussing cryotherapies with the team at Keys Dermatology, we invite you to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation with our doctors. Call (305) 296-3334 to request an appointment today. With two office locations, we can provide convenient and quality service for you or your family. We are open to new and current patients.   

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