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What Does BOTOX Do?

Fine lines and wrinkles are often the first signs of aging that both men and women notice on the face. These imperfections are often a result of a lifetime of muscle contractions and gradual reduction of collagen and elastin in the skin. But did you know that you can restore your youthful look without plastic surgery? Are you aware that with the use of cosmetic injectables, many patients are able to turn back time and erase significant wrinkles and folds from their face? At Keys Dermatology, our team is dedicated to helping patients in the areas of Key West and Islamorada, FL with their skincare concerns. This includes introducing patients with aging skin to injectable treatments such as Botox.

What is Botox and how does it work?

The team at Keys Dermatology describe Botox as a medication that is used to block nerve signals. When it is injected into the muscles of the face, it can keep these muscles from contracting. In turn, this reduces the appearance of wrinkles and folds that are caused by muscle contraction over time. Muscles that are injected with Botox will relax over the course of several days, after which patients will achieve their desired results.

How do I manage my new appearance?

Cosmetic injectables are temporary options for patients who do not want plastic surgery. They do not last forever, so they need to be reinjected regularly for patients to keep their results. Many patients will find that their Botox injections will start to wear off after three to four months. In order to maintain their appearance, they will need to have more Botox injected into the same muscles routinely.

Call Keys Dermatology today to discuss your needs

The dermatologists at Keys Dermatology work routinely with patients who are seeking anti-aging solutions that do not require plastic surgery. If you have bene considering cosmetic treatments for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, book an appointment with our doctors today by calling the front office at (305) 296-3334. With locations in Key West and Islamorada, FL, patients can achieve a more youthful look no matter where they live and work!   

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