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Can moles come back after removal?

Moles are spots of brown that are commonly found on the skin. While moles are the center of attention in the field of skin cancer, it is vital that patients understand that moles themselves are not a sign of cancer. Patients are often born with moles or develop moles over time that are completely harmless and benign. However, if they change in shape, color, or size, it may be a sign of a more serious problem. Patients with moles should remain vigilant about checking them regularly and scheduling a skin cancer screening with our professionals at Keys Dermatology every year. If a mole is determined cancerous, it can be removed by our team. Removal may also be done due to cosmetic reasons. But many patients ask, can a mole grow back after removal?

When it comes to this question, there is not a tried-and-true answer for patients. This is because there are several things that can happen after removal. A common mole that is completely removed by a professional will often not grow back. However, some patients might experience a regrowth of moles if mole cells are left behind. This doesn’t mean that the mole is cancerous. It just means that full removal was not complete.

However, a regrowth of a mole still my require evaluation by a medical professional. Sometimes moles that have cancerous cells and have not been fully removed can reappear later and continue to increase the cancerous cells. This is when patients should contact the practice for a second evaluation to obtain a biopsy. Being proactive about changes in the skin can significantly improve a patient’s chances of finding and removing skin cancer early to reduce the risk of more serious problems later on down the line.

Are you concerned about moles on the skin?

Patients overdue for a skin cancer screening, or those seeking to have their first evaluation due to changes in their skin, will want to contact Keys Dermatology to schedule a full evaluation with our team. Our professionals have two office locations in the areas of Key West and Islamorada, Florida and welcomes new patients to contact the practice for an appointment.

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