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My legs always itch after shaving, what does this mean?

Many men and women shave for aesthetic, personal, or hygienic reasons. Because of this, patients can experience irritation of the skin, most often when using a razor blade or electronic razor to cut the hair close to the skin. Shaving is one of the most affordable ways of removing unwanted hair. Unfortunately, there are times when patients may experience itching and redness after shaving. This is commonly caused by a skin condition known as folliculitis, or “razor burn.”

What is razor burn?

Razor burn is a term used to describe irritation and painful red bumps that form after shaving. There are several different causes and factors that contribute to the development of razor burn:

  • Shaving incorrectly with a dull and/or old razor
  • Shaving a sensitive area of the skin, such as the bikini line
  • Using shaving products with harsh chemicals and artificial scents
  • Improper shaving techniques that irritate the skin such as shaving against the direction of hair growth
  • Shaving “dry,” without shaving gel or creams on the skin

What happens during razor burn?

During razor burn, patients will often cause small abrasions in the skin that can also harbor bacteria and result in an infection. In other situations, the problem is more just irritation. Red bumps can form, and this can be unsightly as well.

Treatment for razor burn

After razor burn has developed, there are a few things a patient can do to help heal the area. This includes:

  • Use of a cool compress after shaving, which relieves irritation and helps to reduce inflammation
  • Avoiding shaving of the area until the skin has healed
  • Applying a moisturizer to soothe the skin, with ingredients such as shea butter or aloe vera
  • Use of topical ointments such as hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation
  • Use of antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist if an infection has developed

Are you dealing with itchy legs, or even dry skin throughout the body?

Contact a dermatologist at Keys Dermatologist to learn more about ways to comfort the skin and find relief! Our team of professionals are readily available at (305) 664-8828 and can be reached to book an appointment at either of our practice locations in Islamorada and Key West, Florida.

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