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Over-the-counter skin care products to stay away from

Everyone strives to achieve beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Both men and women often deal with a variety of complexion issues and conditions including rosacea, acne, and even just the fine lines and wrinkles associated with the signs of aging. When patients are considering a more effective skincare routine, they need to look further than the local drugstore for the right products. Many of these products fail to provide real results, and may have a plethora of chemicals and toxins in them that are bad for your skin. Instead, the team at Keys Dermatology encourages patients to ask about medical-grade skin care products and their importance, including the SkinMedica line of dermatology creams, washes, toners, and moisturizers.

Why should I avoid over-the-counter beauty products?

Many of the beauty products sold in drugstores do not require a prescription. This is because the active ingredients used in these products are created for individuals, which means less active ingredients and less concentration of these active ingredients. There are legal limits that companies cannot surpass when it comes to the ingredients used, therefore they do not provide the same dramatic results that can be achieved with professional-grade options. Additionally, many of these products have ingredients that may be unfamiliar to individuals or considered harmful to the body.

Using medical-grade skincare products

Instead of spending money on inexpensive product at the drugstore that fails to provide results, it is wiser for patients to invest in their skin with medical-grade skincare products such as SkinMedica through their dermatologist. Many of these can only be obtained by a dermatologist or with a prescription, ensuring that the active ingredients are strong enough to make a difference and provide amazing results. These products are also made with strict guidelines and are specially formulated to meet FDA regulation and approval. This ensures true transformation with skincare solutions that really work!

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With a simple phone call, patients can get started seeking better quality products approved and recommended by dermatological professionals. By being available with locations in Islamorada and Key West, Florida, patients can rest easy that their doctor is close by! Call (305) 664-8828 to request a consultation visit with our Dermatology experts, and enjoy the best care possible in the community!

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