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Should I get my mole removed?

Now more than ever, we have the information we need to help patients decide if they need to have skin growths or moles removed due to skin cancer concerns. At Keys Dermatology, our professionals can provide education to patients regarding the development of skin changes, while also providing skin cancer screenings for a head-to-toe evaluation. Many patients are born with moles on their skin, but many adult patients ask our team when they should consider the removal of a mole.

What is a mole?

A mole is determined by genetics and is a collection of pigmentated skin. In most cases, moles are harmless. They often present as smaller, brown spots on the skin, but may vary in color, shape, and overall size. There are different type of moles, including congenital moles, acquired moles, and atypical moles. Atypical moles have a higher chance of becoming cancerous and need routine evaluation to monitor for suspicious changes. Additionally, any new moles should be noted and monitored as well.

Is my mole indicative of skin cancer?

In some situations, yes. Preexisting moles that begin to change in shape, size, and color may be a serious concern that needs an examination with a trained professional. Changes can happen at any age. We recommend patients consider calling Keys Dermatology if they notice a changing mole. Our team can provide a thorough examination and even take a biopsy if there are concerns. A biopsy is a sample of the mole that is sent to a laboratory for testing. If skin cancer is found, the doctor will provide a proper diagnosis and discuss with patients the treatment options available for them.

Have an evaluation performed today

Key West and Islamorada, Florida area patients facing changes to their moles or new skin growths need to take these issues seriously and undergo a skin cancer screening with our team at Keys Dermatology. Our primary phone line is (305) 664-8828 and can be used to schedule an appointment at any of our locations throughout the area. We are pleased to provide screenings for new and current patients, and also offer education on how to protect the skin from sun exposure and reduce your risk for skin cancer.

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