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Can a BBL laser remove hair?

Laser Hair Removal
One of the most popular cosmetic treatments requested by patients in the areas of Islamorada and Key West, FL is that of laser hair reduction and removal. The doctors of Keys Dermatology work directly with patients to help them understand the treatment and how it works. Laser hair reduction and removal allows patients to address unwanted hair on the face and/or body that they continually treat with shaving, waxing, tweezing, or the use of depilatory creams. With laser hair removal, hair follicles are treated permanently.

Can a BBL laser remove hair?

The BBL device is an intense pulsed light device that can target hair follicles and reduce and eliminate the amount of hair in the treated area. This laser treatment ensures permanent results, and is a more effective method than electrolysis and is much more comfortable to perform. The treatment works by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicle and damaging it. This causes the hair in the hair follicle to be lost, and inhibits the growth of any hair in the future.

Who is a candidate for BBL laser hair removal?

At Keys Dermatology, we encourage patients to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation to determine if they are a proper candidate for this treatment. Most patients can enjoy laser hair removal, regardless of skin color and hair color. Patients will want to have this evaluation completed before booking treatment sessions.

How many sessions do I need?

Laser hair removal doesn’t occur in just one treatment session. This is because the light can only target the hair follicles in the active growth phase. Instead, patients will book a series of treatments over the course of several months to effectively address all hair follicles throughout the cycle. The number of treatments scheduled will vary depending on whether patients are interested in hair reduction or hair removal.

Schedule a visit today to learn more

If you are interested in permanent hair reduction or removal, we welcome you to call Keys Dermatology to discuss candidacy. Patients can call (305) 664-8828 to request an appointment at either location in Islamorada or Key West, FL.

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