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Can sun damage cause harm to a rash?

RashPatients who have certain skin and medical conditions are often advised to reduce or eliminate exposure to the sun. The sun can have both positive and harmful effects on our skin and bodies, which is why it is essential that patients know the difference between a healthy dose of sunlight versus sunlight exposure that can cause damage and even cancer. Patients who are experiencing other conditions such as a rash may also be worried about their sun exposure—or wonder if the sun has stimulated the development of a heat rash.

What is heat rash?

Heat rash is a certain type of rash that can develop after men, women, or children have been exposed to hot, humid weather. It is characterized by areas and clusters of small blisters or pimples. Heat rash is known for developing in areas such as the groin, elbow creases, neck, upper chest, and even skin folds throughout the body. This particular type of rash is caused by the trapping of perspiration under the sweat ducts. It can be prevented by keeping the skin dry and clean, while also preventing sweating in warm environments.

What other problems can develop from too much sun exposure?

While shorter exposure to sunlight can be beneficial in enhancing moods, treating seasonal depression, relieving stress, improving sleep, and increased vitamin D, there are also harmful effects of sun exposure. The eyes should always be protected by ultraviolet light which can cause damage to the cornea and can contribute to the development of cataracts. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are also serious complications of getting too warm too fast in sunny and hot environments. Continued exposure to sunlight can also contribute to the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and may increase a patient’s risk of developing skin cancer. With proper exposure to the sun and protection with sunblock every day, most patients will enjoy the benefits of sunlight rather than the consequences.

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