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Can Warm Weather Cause Rashes?

What Causes Heat Rashes?

A heat rash, also called prickly heat, can affect both adults and children when it’s hot and humid outside. A heat rash happens when sweat gets trapped under your skin. Symptoms of a heat rash can be mild (slight blisters) to serious (red, deep bumps). A heat rash that is not infected can feel very itchy or tickly.

What Does a Stress Rash Look Like?

A stress rash typically appears as hives. If you are under a lot of stress, it can also inhibit the healing of skin rashes from other causes.

How Soon Does Heat Rash Appear?

How soon a heat rash appears in adults and children will depend on the amount of exposure to heat and humidity. Also, if the person is wearing too many clothes or if the clothing is tight, both can have effects on how fast a heat rash develops.

When Should I Go to the Doctor for a Rash?

Your or your child’s heat rash usually will heal by itself if you cool the skin and avoid exposure to hot and humid weather. See your doctor if you or your child has the heat rash for a few days or more, the rash looks like it’s getting worse, or you see signs of infection, such as:

  • Swelling, pain, redness, or warmth
  • Pus drains from the blisters
  • Lymph nodes swell in the neck, armpit, or groin
  • Fever
  • Chills

What Does Sun Rash Look Like?

A sun rash that is from exposure to sunlight can cause a rash that has small, red blisters over small or large areas of skin that have been exposed to sunlight. A sun rash can happen quickly or appear hours later and can be quite itchy.

What Does a Photosensitivity Rash Look Like?

If you’re photosensitive, it means you have unusually strong reactions to sunlight. Just a small amount of time in the sun can cause a photosensitivity rash. A photosensitive rash can develop as a butterfly rash that develops over the nose and cheeks after time in the sun. Other rashes of this type can appear as hives.

How Do You Make a Heat Rash Go Away?

You can make a heat rash go away by:

  • Holding (not rubbing) a cold compress on the rash
  • Rinsing the rash with cool water and letting it air dry
  • Wearing loose clothing
  • Bathing in a colloidal oatmeal bath
  • Applying a natural remedy ointment that contains no more than 15% arnica oil
  • Drinking lots of cool water

If these methods do not improve the rash after a day or two, seek medical care. If you experience severe symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, vomiting and nausea, see your doctor.

How Do I Stop a Sweat Rash?

The best way to stop a sweat rash is to keep the skin as dry as possible. Powder can help keep the skin dry. Frequently dabbing sweaty areas will a soft and absorbent cloth can also help.

Does Heat Rash Hurt?

A heat rash will typically sting and feel itchy. If there is more pain involved, it could be a sign of infection, so see your doctor.

To learn more about rashes or to set up a screening, make an appointment today with Keys Dermatology of Key West and Islamorada, FL. Our providers offer the highest quality of dermatological services in a compassionate and state of the art setting.

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