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Prepare for the holidays with laser skin rejuvenation

Dry, dull, and aging skin can make both men and women feel less than thrilled about their appearance. The formation of fine lines and wrinkles naturally occurs as a process of aging, but dry and dull skin may just be an issue of dead skin cells. At Keys Dermatology, we offer a wide range of skin rejuvenation services that can help in clearing the skin, improving its appearance, and ensuring it is healthy and beautiful each and every day. Both men and women will often ask our team about solutions such as laser skin rejuvenation.

What is laser skin rejuvenation?

Using laser light therapy, the doctors of Keys Dermatology can help transform the appearance and health of the skin with a single treatment. Laser light penetrates into the skin to stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin, which tightens and firms the skin while restoring its youthful appearance. Exfoliation also occurs and the skin will shed the dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin underneath.

When should I have laser skin rejuvenation performed?

The timeframe during which a patient chooses to start laser therapies for their skin is entirely up to the patient. Individuals who want to look their best for the upcoming holidays may choose to start their treatments earlier to have a completely enhanced appearance when meeting with friends and families during holiday parties and events. Patients will need to consider any downtime and recovery that may be needed as the skin rejuvenates, as flaking and redness may be apparent. When speaking to our doctors about treatment options, we strongly encourage patients to ask questions about the treatment and what to expect. Our team can also make alternative recommendations if patients are considering skin rejuvenation solutions that are not as aggressive as laser treatments.

Call Keys Dermatology today!

The doctors of Keys Dermatology encourage patients to take the time to learn about laser skin rejuvenation and other skin-improving treatments available at the office. With two convenient locations in the areas of Key West and Islamorada, FL, patients can schedule a visit at a location that is best for their needs. Call (305) 664-8828 to request a consultation with our team and learn more about skin transformation options.

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